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How to Self-Publish a book in India?

by rahul
After self-publishing 30+ books over at Amazon US through the KDP and Createspace system, I wanted to release my books in India. This describes my author / publisher journey. For a couple of years, I aspired to be a self-published author in India, but the process of applying for an ISBN at Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency (RRRNA) required you to print the book and send the cover via post to their address in New Delhi along with a complicated application letter. Thankfully in April 2016, the system was transferred online and now you could send a soft copy of [...]

India authors on Amazon KDP or Createspace! How to get EIN or ITIN for IRS tax compliance in eight minutes?

by rahul
Did Amazon tell you that they will withhold tax as you haven't provided an ITIN or EIN number? Read on to find out how I got mine in 8 minutes flat! Disclaimer: This blog post is NOT legal advice. It only tells you what I did to get my EIN account. Amazon KDP, Createspace and Smashwords already have detailed information about tax processes for non-US Self Publisher on their website. Its highly recommended to read that as well. I am not responsible for your actions based on this blog post. When I first uploaded my Kindle book on Amazon KDP [...]

World’s Oldest Story – my prehistoric inspirational fiction is out now!

by rahul
So what's the worlds oldest story? You may wonder... I had always been keenly interested in our evolution from single cell organisms to our current humanoid forms. Naturally when I wanted to fulfill my long cherished desire of writing a book, I wanted to write about a time where we had just mutated into homo sapiens. It was a time when even the wheel wasn't invented. My initial research told me that for the record, the worlds oldest story is the Epic of Gilgamesh inscribed on tablets sometime in the Sumerian era. Good! I told myself, I will go far [...]