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Success has 12 steps. We give up at step 3!

by rahul
What does it really take to succeed? No two persons can define success in the same way. Success for most people is outcome driven. i.e. reaching one’s goals, manifesting your dreams, etc. However, the process of attaining one’s goal and becoming successful is similar for all. Here are the 12 steps on the Success ladder: 1. Envision a Dream. This is where it all starts. You are living your life in a certain way and you imagine a better future. A Dream future. 2. Act upon it. You debate with yourselves whether this Dream will work for you or not. [...]

The 86,400 bucks you are earning every day

by rahul
What if someone deposited 86,400 bucks to your bank account every day?  Would you be happy? I believe you would be. Now what if there was a caveat that your account balance couldn’t be carried over to the next day. This meant that the balance left at the end of the day would be taken out of the account and would not be available tomorrow. How would you spend your money then? Naturally, you would try to spend every penny. We all have a bank like this. The name of the bank is… TIME! At the start of each day, [...]

Why do we know it but don’t do it?

by rahul
It was happening! I was writing a review on the exact same thing that I was watching yesterday. Bob Proctor's powerful video "Thinking into Results" on why we 'know but don't do' was working its wonders through my fingers. But it wasn't just his words, or his way of projecting ideas. I had stuck upon the core reason why schools & companies cannot identify why their best student/employee do their best. There are 3 aspects to this. The first is: 1. KNOWING: Knowing comes from the intellectual part of our brain: Consciousness. Knowing or Knowledge or Gyan will usually be [...]

Harry Potter and The Magic of Self-Empowerment

by rahul
'I think -' Harry Potter swallowed, knowing how strange this was going to sound. 'I think it was my dad.' 'Harry, your dad's - well - dead,' Hermione said quietly. The amazing third part of the Harry Potter series, The Prisoner of Azkaban, had a very potent message in this scenario. The Magic of Self-Empowerment. To give a little background; Harry is saved from a mortal attack. He is sure that his late father saved him. Later, he does a time-travel back in time to when he was attacked. Curiosity and affection bring him to the spot where he had [...]

Waiting for Happy New Year 2011?

by rahul
So we are 10 days into 2010... and already the dust is settling down on millions of resolutions, goals, desires, hopes and dreams. Resolutions that are broken... Goals that we put away each day... Desires that we thwart... Dreams that were better off in our sleep... We wish each other Happy New Year... I ask you, yes you! Has the New Year 2010 been Happier or felt Newer? Yes or No? Has January 2nd felt the same as December 30th? A flip of a calendar or the turning of the year wont change you, your situation, your challenges, your worries, [...]