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The REAL reason you procrastinate

by rahul
You need to make meaningful actions part of your daily habit in order to get long term success. However, there is one enemy standing between you and success. Procrastination. Procrastination is the act of putting away or delaying something for a later time. Many people procrastinate to some degree, but for some, it becomes a real stumbling block to achieve their goals, dreams and ultimately happiness. Why? It’s because of two reasons: lack of clarity and lack of self-belief/motivation. In my case, I had never any doubt as to what I had to do. The challenge was I didn’t believe [...]

3 Simple ways to say No

by rahul
Do you find it hard to say ‘No’? You are not alone. I have been there and I know how hard it can be. I have said ‘Yes’ to things even when my mind wanted to say ‘No’. I said Yes because I was afraid that if I didn’t, people would think of me as selfish and rude. I didn’t like to hurt other’s feelings. I have regretted all those Yeses. It took me a long time to understand that my biggest fear was being misunderstood by other people. It was when I analyzed other people who said No, I [...]

Close encounters of the Terrorist kind!

by rahul
I find it curious about the amazingly different people that you come across once you step out of the confines of your home. It was the spring of 2006, my wife & I were in Kuala Lumpur on a holiday. After enjoying the rides in Genting Highlands and visiting the awesome Petronas Twin Tower, it was time to do some shopping. In a small nook of KL is Chinatown - a place famous for trinkets, imitation-ware and bargain shopping. We browsed through some roadside vendors dealing with watches, goggles, memorabilia, etc. Then we saw few racks of T-shirts displayed outside [...]

Show me your underwear!

by rahul
If you haven't been successful lately, maybe its just a question of changing the way you wear your underwear. Confused? Let me explain. Once you change the way you wear your underwear, you start to get noticed more. You will be in the eyes of everyone. Some will appreciate, some will be jealous; some will think you are crazy. Whatever others may feel, the more important thing is how you feel yourself. You will feel stronger, more powerful, be able to do anything. You will be flying over Cloud Nine. In short, changing the way you wear your underwear will [...]