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Harry Potter and The Magic of Self-Empowerment

by rahul
'I think -' Harry Potter swallowed, knowing how strange this was going to sound. 'I think it was my dad.' 'Harry, your dad's - well - dead,' Hermione said quietly. The amazing third part of the Harry Potter series, The Prisoner of Azkaban, had a very potent message in this scenario. The Magic of Self-Empowerment. To give a little background; Harry is saved from a mortal attack. He is sure that his late father saved him. Later, he does a time-travel back in time to when he was attacked. Curiosity and affection bring him to the spot where he had [...]

Waiting for Happy New Year 2011?

by rahul
So we are 10 days into 2010... and already the dust is settling down on millions of resolutions, goals, desires, hopes and dreams. Resolutions that are broken... Goals that we put away each day... Desires that we thwart... Dreams that were better off in our sleep... We wish each other Happy New Year... I ask you, yes you! Has the New Year 2010 been Happier or felt Newer? Yes or No? Has January 2nd felt the same as December 30th? A flip of a calendar or the turning of the year wont change you, your situation, your challenges, your worries, [...]