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Show me your underwear!

If you haven’t been successful lately, maybe its just a question of changing the way you wear your underwear.

Confused? Let me explain.

Once you change the way you wear your underwear, you start to get noticed more. You will be in the eyes of everyone. Some will appreciate, some will be jealous; some will think you are crazy.

Whatever others may feel, the more important thing is how you feel yourself. You will feel stronger, more powerful, be able to do anything. You will be flying over Cloud Nine.

In short, changing the way you wear your underwear will turn you from an ordinary man into…


Still confused? Let me back up a bit.

In the first week of 2011, a motivational speaker I respect a lot said that there is not much difference between successful and unsuccessful people. In fact, he went on to say that there are ONLY 1 or 2 things that you need to change in yourself to make yourself a success.

For me, most of 2010 was spent in identifying & isolating the reasons that were holding me back. In most ways it boils down to the difference in how a successful person thinks compared to an average person.

Think for a moment and answer this question right now.

In which area do you hold yourself back? You know that you have to do xyz thing to move ahead, but you don’t. Why?

Stop here & think for a moment.

Why would you NOT do something that you know will make you more successful?


Once you have answered the above two questions, you will have identified the Limiting Belief in your life. The Limiting Beliefs are the 1 or 2 things, the underwear, that you have been wearing the wrong way all your life.

Identifying your Limiting Belief is just the first step, you need to actually go into your brain with a wrench & screwdriver & tweak everything towards a mindset that isn’t your enemy every moment of your life.

So go into that Phone Booth by the corner, slap up your underwear the right way, and soar into the skies of Infinite Potential.

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