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Success has 12 steps. We give up at step 3!

What does it really take to succeed? No two persons can define success in the same way. Success for most people is outcome driven. i.e. reaching one’s goals, manifesting your dreams, etc.

However, the process of attaining one’s goal and becoming successful is similar for all. Here are the 12 steps on the Success ladder:

1. Envision a Dream. This is where it all starts. You are living your life in a certain way and you imagine a better future. A Dream future.

2. Act upon it. You debate with yourselves whether this Dream will work for you or not. You wonder what others will think if you go ahead. You eventually become determined enough to work towards the Dream.

3. Fail. You fail spectacularly. You encounter your first obstacle and you fail miserably. In your mind, you have become the laughing stock of the world. (Which, by the way is never the case. Others are too preoccupied about their own problems to think about yours.) This is also the point where 90% of the people quit.

4. Grapes are sour. After you fail, you are bitter towards the world and at yourself. You are angry at your friends, family and mentors. You are jealous of other successful people, and you think that they had it so easy. You wonder why your Dreams are so hard to achieve. Your close ones advise you to stop dreaming. You rationalize that the Dream was unworkable, and you had never liked it.

5. Abandon the Dream. You decide that you will think about your Dreams ‘later’. You don’t know that the ‘later’ will never come. You become busy again in your routine life. And the Dream is unknowingly abandoned.

6. Go on a Guilt Trip. Some days later in your ‘routine’ life, you are reminded how sick you are with your station in life. It was your dissatisfaction with your current life that made you embark on your Dream. You remember abandoning your Dream. You now realize the value of the Dream and what it really meant to you. How this Dream was your one shot at redemption and you missed it.

7. Get Inspired again. More days pass. The frustration of your daily life is unbearable. You remember the Dream again, but this time, you focus on the end result and you forget about the pain you went through last time. You tell yourself, ‘Maybe… just maybe. If it’s possible…’ You decide to give your Dreams one more shot.

8. Fail Again. The unexpected happens and you fail again. This time you try to understand why you failed. You collaborate with mentors who help  you identify where the process failed. You make tweaks to the process and tell yourself ‘It should be a simple fix and I will give it a go.’ You are now determined to stick at it.

9. Minor success. You have now changed your habits and aligned them with your Dream. You are now working daily towards your Dream. Your family and friends have accepted that you are a person who has a Dream, and now they cheer you on enthusiastically, curious to find more about your results. You start to see things coming together in unexpected ways. Every day, you become more and more convinced that you are right in following your Dream.

10. Fail more and more. You continue to fail. However, this time you are not upset. You go back to the drawing board to try out a new approach. You are focused on the result. You are no longer overwhelmed with the process to achieve your Dreams. You have become used to struggling and failing.

11. Try different approaches. Your failures have taught that a different approach is needed. You try out new ways of reaching your Dream.

12. You Finally Succeed. You cry with joy. You are finally at that place that you had dreamed for so long. Hoping against hope. You look back, and you know each step was bringing you closer and closer. You just didn’t know it at that time. Every dashed hope, each frustrated moment, every disappointment was worth it. And the best part… you never have to go back to your old life again… Never.

Which step are you at?

How will you feel when you finally live the Life of your Dreams? Wouldn’t it be simply Awesome?

I am here to tell you that it is POSSIBLE.

You CAN live your Dreams.

You owe it to yourself.

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