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The REAL reason you procrastinate

You need to make meaningful actions part of your daily habit in order to get long term success. However, there is one enemy standing between you and success.


Procrastination is the act of putting away or delaying something for a later time. Many people procrastinate to some degree, but for some, it becomes a real stumbling block to achieve their goals, dreams and ultimately happiness.


It’s because of two reasons: lack of clarity and lack of self-belief/motivation. In my case, I had never any doubt as to what I had to do. The challenge was I didn’t believe in my ability to live out my dreams. On a subconscious level, I didn’t think I deserved a rich and meaningful life.

Here’s what I did to bring more Belief and Motivation:

1. I took action unemotionally.
Whenever I took action, it made me feel better about myself. I started taking small actions every now and then. Today I take action irrespective of how I feel. I have realized that action fuels my belief.

2. I listened to affirmations daily.
Listening to affirmations release positive chemicals like endorphins that are beneficial for your health and well-being. It takes days and sometimes weeks of daily affirmations for someone to come out of their shell. But once they are free… destiny beckons!

If you need more Clarity about what you want, you need to do 4 things:

1. Identify what you Do Not want.
It is easier to identify something that you don’t want. What are the pain areas in your life? It could be in terms of happiness, money, time, freedom or the quality of your life.

2. Think of WHY you find it to be a pain.
The ‘why’ can be a revelation. It can help you understand a lot about your thought process.

3. Find 2-3 actions that can reduce or eliminate the pain.
Once you have identified the why, the action steps should come easily. And that paves the way for the most important final step.

4. Take action now.

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