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Why do we know it but don’t do it?

It was happening! I was writing a review on the exact same thing that I was watching yesterday. Bob Proctor’s powerful video “Thinking into Results” on why we ‘know but don’t do’ was working its wonders through my fingers.

But it wasn’t just his words, or his way of projecting ideas. I had stuck upon the core reason why schools & companies cannot identify why their best student/employee do their best. There are 3 aspects to this. The first is:

Knowing comes from the intellectual part of our brain: Consciousness.
Knowing or Knowledge or Gyan will usually be the starting point of our growth. An everyday example of this: “Drinking iced water during a cold will aggravate a sore throat.”

The above sentence is straightforward cold logic. But Knowledge in itself is just a part of the solution. This is where the second aspect comes in.

It is said that having all the knowledge in the world is of no use, if nothing is ‘done’ from that knowledge.

Doing or Karma comes from & through Knowledge. Think about it: whatever you have ‘done’ in your life is because you believed it to be right.

However, a discrepancy has been observed between KNOWING and DOING. We know that we shouldn’t drink iced water during a cold, but we still do.

Most people know that smoking & drinking is injurious to their health; but they still smoke & drink. Why?

What is it that makes us NOT do something that we know from our knowledge is right? Bob Proctor calls in PARADIGM. I call this the third and the most important aspect:

What exactly is our Belief system? It could be combination of situations, influences, environment, experiences, fears & rational reasoning power.

A person who knows that smoking is injurious to health may still go ahead and do it irrespective of his knowledge of its harmful effects. This is simply because his belief system will tell him that nothing has happened yet, so nothing will happen ever.

Here’s a visual representation of the Knowing-Doing gap:

Bob Proctor's Thinking Into Results video

As you can see, there is a huge difference between Knowing & Doing, so is gaining more knowledge the solution?

The surprising answer is NO, because we haven’t taken the Belief System in account. This is actually how it works out.

Bob Proctor's Paradigm shift

More Knowledge will not help us, as we first have to reduce our ‘Ignored Knowledge’ through increased Implementation. Additional knowledge will only increase the GAP.

Another thing, I realized was that Belief System & Doing are closely interlinked. In fact, it can be said that “Action is Implemented Belief”. We act out of our Beliefs and not out of our Knowledge!

Employers don’t know what or why their best employees do best. Teachers don’t know why some students fare so well. It all comes down to Belief System which actually is the truest indicator of potential.

Our Evaluation system is stuck on training and certifications

Suddenly, I woke up. And I realized it was all a dream. I knew this was powerful stuff & I had to write it down. I am so glad I have written it.
Note: The examples and images are of my own inspiration from Bob Proctor’s videos. You can review his program ‘Thinking into Results’ here.


  • September 21, 2011

    Great common sense here. Wish I’d thguoht of that.

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