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World’s Oldest Story – my prehistoric inspirational fiction is out now!

So what’s the worlds oldest story? You may wonder…

I had always been keenly interested in our evolution from single cell organisms to our current humanoid forms. Naturally when I wanted to fulfill my long cherished desire of writing a book, I wanted to write about a time where we had just mutated into homo sapiens. It was a time when even the wheel wasn’t invented.

My initial research told me that for the record, the worlds oldest story is the Epic of Gilgamesh inscribed on tablets sometime in the Sumerian era. Good! I told myself, I will go far far back in time. A time period no one can possibly conceive for a book …

150,000 years ago.

After nearly two years of writing… in between other stuff… the book is now published. Yippee! Feeling very proud. Its a prehistoric fiction meets action adventure meets inspiration meets spirituality. Phew! That’s a lot of meets.

Read about the worlds oldest story on my book website or you can buy the prehistoric fiction here at Amazon.

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